Video Editing Services:

Life’s Stories

weddings | family | travel

Weaving the emotional tapestry of your life’s story.


You capture your life’s most cherished moments, from wedding vows to family joy and travel adventures, on mobile phones or as original footage from weddings and graduations.


We transform it into visual heirlooms.


Our expertise is editing these fleeting moments into a visual symphony, creating lasting memories that echo through generations as a legacy of love and discovery.

Capture life’s special moments with your smartphone.

We transform them into lasting visual heirlooms.

We weave your raw footage into a legacy of love and discovery.

Cherish Every Step

Immortalize the magic of childhood – from baby’s first steps to joyful family moments. Our editing service crafts heartwarming videos from your footage, turning each milestone into a cherished family treasure. Ready to preserve these memories?

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Transform your travel memories into captivating visual stories. We bring the essence of your adventures to life, crafting magical, personalized videos that do more than remember—they celebrate your journey. Eager to relive your adventures?

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Wedding Moments

Your special day, captured and transformed into a timeless love story. Our wedding video editing weaves your cherished moments into a romantic narrative, perfect for reliving and sharing the bliss. Ready to revisit your joyous day?

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How it works

1) Select the type of video you want to produce: Life, Travel, Romance, or video seminars, webinars and conferences.
2) Select the final length you would like your video to be
3) Pay by credit card. Qualified clients can pay by invoice.
4) On payment, you will receive a questionnaire to help guide us in producing your video.
5) You will then have the option to upload your raw footage to us.
*All this will also be available in our emails to you.
6) Within five (5) business days, you will receive a link to your first review copy
7) You provide us guidance by suggesting revisions to the video itself
8) You have unlimited revisions in the first 30 days. On average, clients are happy after two revisions.
9) Once approved by the client, we provide a download link

Why Choose VidTravels.com for Your Special Occasions?

Professional Editors

Our team, rich in experience and passion, specializes in crafting wedding and life event videos. Merging technical expertise with an artistic sensibility, we create emotionally resonant and aesthetically beautiful videos, ensuring your special moments are captured perfectly.

Fast Turn Arounds

Understanding the value of your time, we ensure a swift yet meticulous editing process. Our commitment is to deliver your video promptly, upholding the highest quality standards to honor your special moments.


Visual Enhancements

We meticulously tailor every aspect of your video, from handpicking the perfect soundtrack to fine-tuning colour grading to reflect the mood of your event. Our attention to detail ensures every frame of your video is a visual delight.

Review Tools

Our user-friendly review tool enhances collaboration, allowing for precise and convenient feedback. Timestamped comments streamline the editing process, ensuring your vision is realized efficiently and accurately.

SDC Video is VidTravels.com’s parent organization and has worked with these organizations.

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What Does it Cost?

Life and Travel Videos
Minutes HD Footage 4K Footage
0-1  $   149  $     249
1-3  $   242  $     342
3-6  $  335  $     435
6-9  $  428  $     528
9-12  $  521  $     621
12-15  $   614  $     714
15-20  $   707  $     807
20-30  $   799  $     899
In US Dollars

Romance and Weddings

Wedding and Romance
Video Type HD Footage 4K Footage
Highlights (5 minutes) $ 700 $ 800
Ceremony Edit $ 600 $ 700
Speeches Edit $ 600 $ 700
First Dance $ 300 $ 400
In US Dollars    


Conference and Webinars
Video Type HD Footage 4K Footage
First Hour $495 $495
Additional Hour $ 295 $ 295
In US Dollars    


Need Custom Work

Check our parent organization at SDCVideo.ca.

Music Videos

We bring the essence of your music to life, crafting emotionally charged music videos that delve into your song’s story.

Our editing elevates your musical narrative into a captivating visual spectacle, creating an artistic legacy that goes beyond mere memory.

B2B Commercial

Our B2B marketing videos are designed to effectively narrate your product’s story, captivating your audience with striking visuals and targeted messaging.

These videos highlight your brand and resonate with your audience, bolstering your marketing and business connections.

Crowd Funding

We refine your crowdfunding footage into engaging visual stories that captivate and inspire your audience.

Our focus is on clarity, appeal, and driving enthusiasm, making sure your project’s vision is compelling to garner support.


We transform conference/webinar tapes into concise, compelling summaries, capturing key moments and insights.

Our edits bring the heart of your event to a wider audience, enhancing understanding and sharing of its vital content.


How do I review my video to suggest revisions

Your video will uploaded on Frame.io. You will have a link to it to share with family and friends and make comments.

As you play the video forward, you can suggest edits right on the video.

Once you have approved it, it will be available for download.

Revision Policy

Unlimited revisions within 30 days of delivery of your first version.  But we are flexible, if you need extra time, you will get it..


Support can be reached by editor@sdcvideo.ca


We accept most credit cards.  

Qualified businesses can request an invoice before payment.  

Turn Around Times

Videos will be available for first review within five (5) business days.If, for some reason, it can’t be done, we will notify you.

What events do you specialize in?

We specialize in editing videos for various life events, including weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations, ensuring each moment is captured with the essence it deserves.

We also edit webinars, video seminars and conferences.

What type of footage can I submit?

We accept footage from various sources, including smartphones, digital cameras, and camcorders. We recommend high-quality footage for the best results.

What are your pricing and payment methods?

Our pricing varies based on the project’s complexity and length. We offer various packages to suit different needs and accept major credit cards and online payments

How will I receive my edited video?

Your edited video will be delivered digitally in your preferred format, ensuring easy sharing and viewing.

You will be provided access to a website, where you can download your video.

How do you ensure the security and privacy of my uploaded footage?

We place a high emphasis on safeguarding the security and privacy of your videos. Our uploading system utilizes advanced encryption for maximum protection, and we treat your videos with the highest level of confidentiality.

 Access to your footage is strictly limited to certified editors, and we follow rigorous data protection guidelines to guarantee the safety of your cherished memories.

This enhancement speaks directly to frequent worries regarding data security and privacy, offering peace of mind to prospective clients about protecting their personal footage.

What is your policy on copyright material in submitted footage?

We adhere to strict copyright laws and cannot use copyrighted material without permission. We’ll guide you on legal alternatives if needed or website that have royalty free music and sound effects.

How do you handle requests for significant changes after the initial draft?

Major changes after the initial draft are handled on a case-by-case basis.

Nevertheless, we aim to ensure your satisfaction while maintaining project feasibility.  We offer 30 days of unlimited changes to make things the way you want them to be.

How does the video editing process work?

1) you choose type of video and length 

2) You pay for the video edit

3) You will receive a project review sheet where you can provide detailed directions

4) You are then directed to a private upload site to upload your video footage

5) We then start editing.  We will contact you to request more direction if there are any issues.

6) The first version will be posted on the private server, and you can comment directly on the video.  Its quite common to ask for revisions.  We want you to be happy

Can I customize my video?


Please suggest any style you like; we will do our best to make it work.

What is your revision process?

We will provide you with a link to review the first version of the video.

You will be able to make comments directly on the video.
You have unlimited revisions for 30 days from the initial finished version.

On average, we have two rounds of revisions with a client.

We are always happy to make the revisions because we are focused on creating a video you will be pleased with.

Can I include specific music tracks in my video?

Yes, you can suggest specific music tracks for your video. We’ll ensure they are appropriately licensed for use.

Do you provide video format conversion services?

Yes, we can convert your video into various formats suitable for different platforms or devices.

Is there an option for express editing services for urgent requirements?

Our standard turnaround time is five business days.

Nevertheless, we offer express editing services for an additional fee, depending on our current workload and the complexity of your project.

Will you shoot and edit our event?
While we are quite experienced in producing videos for various clients in the broadcast and corporate world under our parent company (SDCVideo) , we are limited to creating projects in southern and eastern Ontario.
Our video editing services are available to anyone who can upload their raw footage to our servers. 
If you are in the region where we are located, you can contact us at site@sdcvideo.ca.